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Your hair has to say goodbye to cotton

Your hair has to say goodbye to cotton

If you love something, you will do everything to take care of it right?

Do you love your hair enough to give it the love that it needs? Your hair is your crown and you should make sure that it receives the right amount of love, day AND night. That’s right! Your hair should be taken care of overnight as well. It is important for you to sleep on the right fabric to protect your hair. Cotton is the most popular material used in the world. It is inexpensive and is comfortable. Unfortunately, it is not the best material for your hair. In fact, cotton can cause damage to your crown. Its coarse texture will deplete your hair’s moisture and result in dry strands. That is why you should switch to satin. 


The Pink Lace Brand has a great satin bonnet for you. The material minimizes hair damage and prevents frizzy hair because of its softness. When your hair is growing out, sleeping with a silk bonnet is a must. Satin has a smooth surface that allows your hair and heat to glide over it without any friction. Get our large satin sleeper to protect your hair. 

It will thank you for it!