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Are you giving your hair the right nutrients?

Are you giving your hair the right nutrients?

We are in an era where people are giving more and more importance to their health. The average person has three meals a day and it is normal for most people to spend a considerable amount of money to have a nutrition that will benefit their body. We know that dairy strengthens our bones because of calcium, that fruits like oranges give us vitamin C to improve our skin health and that nuts, like cashews, are excellent for our blood because they are rich in iron. However, do you know which nutrients are beneficial for your hair? Do you know what your hair needs to consume in order to be healthy? They need to eat too. Here are 3 natural nutrients that will help you treat your hair with love.  

The first is argan oil. It is produced from the argan tree and is great in keeping hair moist without any side effects. It will help you to fight against dryness. Argan oil will also protect your hair from UV damage. You have to think about your hair when you expose yourself to sunlight and not just about your skin. 


The second is vitamin E oil. It will prevent premature greying which means no more chemical based dye’s that further damage your hair. Also, vitamin E oil will add volume to your thin hair by applying twice a month.


Lastly we have avocado oil. One of the benefits of avocado oil is that it keeps your hair knot-free. Tangled hair tends to fall out more easily. With avocado oil your hair will be smooth and easier to brush. This great ingredient also prevents breakage. It will make your hair more flexible and strengthen it. 

Did you know that The Pink Lace Brand has an amazing product that contains all these ingredients? That’s right! Our hair growth serum is there to nourish and treat your hair with love. It will also promote hair growth and treat dandruff and dry scalp. Don’t forget; your hair needs affection too.